Happy Holidays and Pura Vida

A rich, lush country sitting between two beautiful coast lines of the Caribbean sea and Pacific ocean, Costa Rica, was a perfect place for me to reflect (yet again) as the holidays gives me a touch of the feels. Not to worry, there was no life-changing moments or eat, pray, love silliness; it was just my first time that I was away and actually off the grid from work.


No e-mails, no panic, no calls – nothing but blissful silence.

Three years ago, I came to visit this amazing country with a couple of girlfriends where we lounged by the pool, sipped cocktails and went on a couple of day trips to round out our week of relaxation. It was that trip that I took to the waves for the first time since well.. quite a long time but it quickly revived my love of surfing.

This trip I was determined to travel Costa Rica my way. Continue to discover and experience things I normally don’t have access to and to relish in the blissful sanctuary of my surroundings. To embrace the Tico mantra of “Pura Vida” which is to be happy and enjoy life as it is.


Honestly, I was pretty shocked that I was able to hike 2.5 kms with 50lbs of stuff on me in the humid climate inclusive of ‘hanger’ pains. Being able to rise to challenges isn’t out of my nature, but refusing to take a cab and continue walking when I’m dead tired certainly is. It was a good experience as it prepared me for a day of 10km of hiking through Manuel Antonio National Park where we checked out the wild life in the lush jungle. Yep, we saw a sloth spooning a tree, and sadly, a dead baby sloth along one of the trails.

What made the hikes worth it? Being able to stop and enjoy the raw beaches while refreshing ourselves in the saltwater as a pick-me-up to continue our four hour hike.


This holiday season, no matter where you are in the world, try for a day (or longer) to embrace the good, try not worry about the things you can’t control, enjoy what makes you happy, remove yourself from situations or people who are going to bring you down and communicate so messaging doesn’t get diluted or misinterpreted.

I know, it’s easier said than done.

Trust me, coming from a person whose natural instinct is to say, “I don’t give a sh-t what people think” but really there’s always a piece of me (sometimes big, other times small) where I will always give a sh-t; but as long as I’m happy doing my thing… that’s all I really give a sh-t about.

Happy Holidays and Pura Vida!


15 thoughts on “Happy Holidays and Pura Vida

  1. I know we should unplug, and Punta Cana certainly looks like a beautiful place to do it, but hey I’m addicted. I do love that sunset, though.

    • I’m glad it did 🙂 I try to practice and celebrate the good things, even if they’re little. Walking away from the negative is harder for me as I always tend to make excuses, but I force myself to do it even if it may be difficult in the beginning.

  2. Pura Vida! It’s so amazing to disconnect from everything and what better place to do it than Costa Rica 🙂 Happy Holidays and keep on taking amazing photos!

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