Y-UL Love Lawrence Restaurant

IMG_0961In the summer, Toronto has tonnes to offer with its festivals, patios, restaurants and of course, beaches.

As much as I enjoy dining out in the city with friends, it can get frustrating as the inflated prices and high turnovers of restaurants become less and less appealing.

What generally happens in Toronto? A food fad rolls into the city and you will see dozens of restaurants pop up, food quality declines at a rapid pace and finally, a few years later the restaurants close down.

In spite of what people say, Montreal is absolutely my favourite Canadian city to visit and to eat through because there are SO many delicious offerings on nearly every single street. From street eats, casual dining, cozy cafes and fine dining; Montreal has so many dishes for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

IMG_1133I’m a sucker for brunch, and was so happy to get to try this fabulous place called Lawrence Restaurant Montreal which is known to be one of the best brunch spots in all of the city.

Simple, refined and serving up amazing English-styled breakfast dishes, there is absolutely no doubt that the scrumptious and rich meals are well worth the wait.

Honestly, if the line is too long swing next door to their café, Larry’s, to grab a tea, coffee or delicious pastry as you wait for a great spot. They also serve a limited menu if you are really hungry and need to get a taste of their tasty brunch.


What did we try?

+ Scone with jam and clotted cream
+ Homemade cinnamon bun
+ Sausage and egg roll
+ Gloucester pancakes, bacon, blueberries and ricotta

Everything was delicious but quite rich, so definitely take a walk after your scrumptious meal. I have to admit that the cinnamon bun was the best I have ever tasted, the custard that was a pleasant surprise and wish that I could have access to these tasty treats in Toronto.

The sausage and egg roll is delish, but can get quite messy so don’t be surprised if it drips a little. The Gloucester pancakes look small but they are quite dense and rich that I could share with my friends. However, consider thatI have been told I eat little in quantity which I still contest :p

All in all, Montreal just showed me another reason to why this beautiful city reigns supreme in my heart and belly!



Lawrence Restaurant

5201 Blvd. St. Laurent
Montréal, Quebec

twitter: @lawrencefood



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  1. I have family in Montreal but I have not visited in ages. I do remember it being a beautiful city and having great spots to eat. When I head to Toronto next summer I will get in touch so you can give me all the secrets. Happy Roving!!!

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