#SurferSunday: Margaux Gazel

French surfer, Margaux Gazel, has a passion for surfing, fashion and an active lifestyle. Picking up surfing at a young age, it became a natural extension into this mermaid's life allowing her to travel, work and surf in many countries. Upon her return to France, she and her beloved created "It's On" surf school in Arcachon, France as she wraps up her internship as a stylist for O'Neill Europe. Surfing has not only been engrained into this beautiful woman but is a part of her daily live both professionally and personally.

Name: Margaux Gazel
Date of Birth: 06.04.1993.
Height: 5'4" (1.63 m)
Location: Arachon, France
Stance: Regular
Local Break: La Salie/Biscarrosse (South West Coast of France)
Countries Surfed: France, Australia, Bali
Experience (Years): 3
Inspirations: Tatiana Weston Webb, has an awesome personality and I love her surf style. As for longboard inspirations, Justine Mauvin is awesome for all that she has accomplished in her life.

How did you get into surfing?

I am born and get raised in the South-West French coast, in a tiny but beautiful city named ‘Arcachon’. In my early fourteen years old, after a family trip in Tenerife (Canarias Island) watching people surfing, we went back home and my father make me joined our local surf school ‘Ocean Roots Surf School’ where I spent most of my Wednesday afternoons and weekends if I was not at the dance school. The surf school became my second family, while teaching me ‘how to deal’ with the ocean and how to trust and surpass myself.

During my time in high school,  I competed for 3 years in national bodyboard contests. I then joined an international business school which allowed me to travel into different countries every six month, which lead me to realize my dream: going to Australia. I was working in Byron Bay for Epokhe and Afends (Rad surf eyewear and clothing brands), the waves where perfect, especially to learn how to ride a longboard. In Australia, I was borrowing the surfboard of my housemate every day!

After my time in Australia, I returned back to France, met my beloved and created IT’S ON Surf School in Arcachon. Right now, I am actually finishing my last internship as a stylist for the O’neill European headquarter in Netherlands. At the end of my internship, I will enter into the ‘active life’, where I will be able to manage my time in a different way, for example going for a surf at the end of the day instead of doing my ‘homework’.


Can you give us an idea of what your typical meals in a day would be?

As I am half Italian, I can tell you that I love pizza pasta and ice cream…. Well not really ‘healthy’ ahah.

I do not follow rules; I just eat whatever makes me happy but always in reasonable quantities and I try to make most of the thing I eat homemade as fruit juice for example which are really quick and easy to make.

Do you do any stretches or exercises pre- or post-surf?

To get to my local break, I have to walk quite a while to get there. So, I guess that this is my pre-surf exercise.

Most of the time post-surf, I take a yoga class and more recently, I have started the cross-fit training. I can feel that yoga and cross-fit are just the perfect sport to improve my surf skills while I am not in the ocean.

During my last surf trip to Bali, I was practicing early morning yoga in the middle of the nature and then following a surf session in bikini with my love, I can tell you that this is the good life!

What do you grab for a post-surf snack?

Bananaaaa and the whole 1.5 litre of water ahah

What's your favourite gear?

I am in love with so many bikinis and swimsuits, I can't choose just one..

One piece swimsuit:



  • 9 foot Custom-made by Bruce Hansel

I love my O’Neill Mizu bottle which reduces plastic waste and great for environmental sustainability.

A round tower from The Beach People because they are just stunning and so user-friendly. (http://bit.ly/1TLzZzB)

HP50+ solar protection