#SurferSunday: Laurent-Olivier Martin

Montréal is one of the most beautiful urban environments in Canada with its exquisite architecture, delicious food, fabulous culture and of course, talented individuals. With a Master's in Project Management, French-Canadian free-skiier, Laurent-Olivier Martin, has also been a sponsored athlete for 10 years where has has appeared in a number of movies and travelled to many of the world's most amazing ski locations. With his recent move to Australia, this Montrealer is taking a step back from skiing and embracing the exciting, challenging and amazing world of surfing.

Name: Laurent-Olivier Martin
Date of Birth: 06.29.1987.
Height: 5'7" (1.70 m)
Location: Sydney, Australia
Stance: Regular
Local Break: Mona Vale & North Narrabeen
Countries Surfed: Canada, United States, Mexico, Australia, Solomon Islands
Experience (Years): 1
Inspirations: A little bit of everybody in surf videos, surf movies and of course, the surfers around me.

How did you get into surfing?

In the last few years, I tried surfing a couple times here and there, Halifax, Florida, Cape Hatteras and on the west coast of Mexico, without too much success. Its when I moved to the northern beaches of Sydney last year that I really got into it more. I took a break from work for 9 months to surf every day and to travel around Australia.

Can you give us an idea of what your typical meals in a day would be?

I do try my best to avoid sugars in all the meals that I eat.

My nutrition have actually changed a lot since I moved to Australia and been surfing more. Now I have breakfast, which is new. The morning surf session needs energy. Yogurt, granola and nuts. I am always super hungry for lunch, so most of the time I will end up making the ultimate sandwich with whatever we have in the fridge. Dinner varies a lot, but always includes a lot of vegetables.

Do you do any stretches or exercises pre- or post-surf?

Yes, I try to stretch before every session. My stretching routine evolves continuously since I always discover new muscles with surfing. Also, when I make time to use a foam roll and a Indo Board Balance Trainer.

What do you grab for a post-surf snack?

After a morning surf, we typically have a coffee and bacon & egg roll as we hang out.

Outside of that, if I go home I’ll be making a fruit smoothie.

What's your favourite gear?

Given my recent move to Australia and taking a step back from skiing, I still have tonnes of love and respect for Montreal board shop, Axis Boutique, who has supported me all these years as an athlete. If you find yourself on the north shore of Montreal, stop in and check out their gear!

Since being in Australia and as of right now, I guess my favourite gear at the moment has to be my most recent board - 5’7 Hatchet, shaped by Eye Symmetry over here in Brookvale.

Credits: Photos abover were taken by Stephen Archer

Contact Details:

Laurent Olivier Martin
Facebook: @laurentolivier.martin
Instagram: @larry_gram
Vimeo: Surf Trip Video to Solomon Islands