Making RITUAL Part of #MyRitual

IMG_6073New York, Chicago and Toronto are full of hustle and bustle all days of the week. Frequented by both personal and business travellers alike, the insanity of city life can get the better of us at times. Sure, we try to find a piece of zen at yoga class but are we really relaxed given that we have to rush back to work while factoring in time for lunch or dinner.

The trade-off to minimize stress and maximize time is ultimately through measures of convenience.  Most city slickers naturally price in a premium for the convenience of on-demand, app-based transportation, grocery and food delivery services.

Sounds crazy? Not at all, just stating the facts.

After a crazy day at the office and a “de-stressing” class of yoga, we are left with either picking up a meal on the way home or to having it delivered to our door at a higher premium.

Recently, I have discovered a new food app (I know, another one right?), Ritual, which is user-friendly, convenient and pretty fun with it’s rewards system.

I’ve used JustEat, UberEats and Foodora but the minimums and delivery fees are increasing on a regular basis. For a girl living alone in Toronto, I get pretty sick and tired of eating the same thing for 3 days because I had to pay “x” amount for the food.

hosu-bistroRitual has been surprisingly helpful and well-suited for me.

Perhaps, it is because I am naturally out and about but also on my phone quite a bit. With a couple of taps, the GPS will pull up restaurants that are closest to me and I can easily pay and pick-up the meal without the hassle of fumbling for change or bank card. The convenience factor to this app, is absolutely key and has a “reorder” button should I be in the mood to repeat an order from a local spot.

Bonus? For every $1 spent you get 10 points (ie. $10 meal = 100 points earned) which isn’t bad given that you get absolutely nothing when you grab take out on your own. With 10,000 points you are able to redeem for a $10 credit and let’s be honest, the points will rack up pretty quickly especially in conjunction with their bonus offers to earn extra points.

Who should use this? 

Honestly, anyone who lives and works in the downtown core of Toronto. The locations of offerings are sensible and regular spots for most people in the city. If you can earn points from getting your daily breakfast bagel at Bagel Stop or freshly pressed juice…why wouldn’t you?

Personally, I believe that this would be an essential app for Toronto PATH Dwellers because it works in all seasons (including the cold winter). It is an easy way to beat the annoying lines and is linked to a number of the lunch and coffee quick stop hotspots across the Financial District. From deKEFIR, Freshii, Freshwest Grill, Little Fin, Maman, Amaya and even, South St. Burger.

Want to try this out this convenient app for a busy lifestyle? 

For the referral link, please >> click here << to try this new food app out and receive a FREE $10 credit.

It is quite unlikely that you will go hungry with this app, especially if you have been grinding away at the office for hours on end!

What are some challenges of this app?

It works great right now for the warmer months when we are out and about walking around the city. Honestly, I would definitely use it in the winter but only for the restaurants that are local to me given that I am already sprinting home to avoid the cold. Nothing like a piping bowl of Pho to warm my belly!

It is completely take-out based with no option for delivery, this point is negligible as I would much rather pay for cheaper meals and stretching my legs versus spending $$ on delivery that I have to eat for a few days.

What I hope for the future of this app?

The addition of even more restaurants to their wide offerings but a de-emphasis on global fast food joints like A&W. Adding more local franchises and small businesses would be great 🙂

Hours of operation expansions would be great, there are a lot of places that have been limited to the weekdays but there are still plenty of options open for the weekend.

Further vet the restaurants known for food, and call them out as they shouldn’t be selling “just drinks” as a means to gain scale and presence on the app. For instance, when I’m looking for some Korean eats, I don’t want to be offered tea, soft drinks and bottled water… that’s what my convenience store is for. #misleading

Overall, I think this is a great addition to the food app scene for Toronto. My test run of this app has pretty positive given that it makes food ordering easy, convenient and something I can easily integrate into my own daily routine… especially on the days I forget my wallet at home.

IMG_5574In comparison to the JustEat, UberEats and Foodora apps, I much prefer this for user-experience as it is well laid out, organized and intuitive. Right now, it has a healthy balance of functionality and product offerings.

Oh yes, don’t fret my American friends, this app also is available for the flocks of foodies in the NYC and Chicago areas. Haven’t tested it there, but certainly will the next time I get there to see if the cross-border experience with the app is as easy as it is at home in the6.

Disclaimer: Financial compensation was not received for this post. Sample credits were provided by Ritual and the review was written on the condition that all opinions and views are my own and unbiased.


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