Quito, Ecuador: 3 Guys, 1 Keg

IMG_0303Quito’s historical district is one of the most frequented areas for travellers to take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of Ecuadorian city life. With the fabulous presence of Quito’s great museums and landmarks such as: Plaza Grande, Basilica, Plaza San Francisco and the beautiful, Panecillo.

As you pass through the streets lined with gorgeous architecture, boutiques, and restaurants lies a secret and newly established microbrewery.

Sitting just south of Quito’s historical district located just off of Rocafuerte sits an amazing microbrewery business, Adventure Brewing Co., founded by three young entrepreneurs from different parts of the world. The love of travel, beer and business bound an American, an Australian and an Ecuadorian together to form this incredible business (ad)venture.

Recently established, their micro-brew is offered to travellers at the Community Hostel (Olemedo and and Pedro Fermin Cevallos) along with kegs being sold to local bars. Their homemade offerings include a stout, a thirst quenching but tasty wheat beer, an incredibly satisfying IPA and a Bitter Red. The organization and diligence to making this dream a reality is quite commendable and incredible, with a full process to take an ideal 8 to 12 weeks to get an ideal brew for consumers.

IMG_0940Their meticulousness and detail are found from beginning to end in order to achieve their high-quality results found in their products. With exceptional precision in their practices, all of the partners are completely hands-on and utilizing their strengths to grow and expand this venture.

Why are they better than everyone else? Stating the obvious, commitment. Their products are already great but they continue work hard to further enhance their recipes and offerings of flavourful beer. This sneak peek into this local business was a pleasant surprise.

As a habitual wine drinker, I have to say that the flavours of their beers were indeed better than what Canadian bars have to offer (Sorry, but it’s true). Plus, where can I get a pint of craft beer for $3.50?

The brilliance of going off the beaten path is finding gems like this microbrewery and of course, the lovely people behind it.