7 Reasons Why You Should STILL Visit Ecuador

Is Ecuador still digging out from the earthquake that devastated so many coastal towns? Absolutely.

Have most media outlets stopped reporting on what happened to Ecuador over a month ago? Definitely.

It has been a little over a month since a major earthquake shook the coastal country of Ecuador. Travellers are worried for their own safety and security which is a natural human reaction. Some have the option to cancel or defer their travels, others may feel the need to push on until a travel ban is placed or, simply, some will continue with their travels but keeping precautions in mind. The country is still in need of aid, one of the best ways to help out? Don't cancel the trip and go out to discover this incredible place.

1. Immerse Yourself into the Most Beautiful Place on Earth

Sealions? Penguins? Sharks? Tortoises?

The an incredible diversity of flora and fauna, it is no wonder why the Galapagos Islands were one of the first World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO. With two main seasons, dry and wet, the best season to view sea mammals and birds at their most active is during the dry season from June to December.

2. Get Your Adrenaline Fix

Baños de Agua Santa is Ecuador's Adventure Capital where one could dabble or throw themselves completely into the rush of adrenaline. Take 20km bike ride to see the various waterfalls, check out Casa del Arbol, hike up a mountain to cascade down 5 waterfalls, but the ultimate (and slightly sketchy) activity, bridge jump off of the San Francisco Bridge behind the bus station! 


3. Relax with the Sun, Sand and Surf

Ecuador's diverse landscape is pretty impressive and easily accessible via plane, bus or car. For those looking to get some sun and surf, Montañita is a stellar spot but known for its surfing and parties. If you go up north just a touch more, you can hang out in Olón which has calmer waters and more quiet vibe; if you wanna party it's only about $1 cab ride away or 15-20 min walk 🙂

4. Give Back

Contributions and donations of any size are always welcomed given that many Ecuadorians have lost their possessions, homes, and even their lives as a result of the April earthquakes. Children have been orphaned, basic supplies continue to deplete, infrastructure has been damaged beyond repair and sadly, foreign aid is coming in as "in-kind" vs. actual capital to help the country rise from the rubble.

5. Take in the Beautiful Architecture

Even if you have a few days before you head to your next destination, Quito's Historical area is a beautiful area to stroll. Sip on coca leaf tea as you take in the beautiful architecture, interior detailing churches, and cobblestone roads amongst the local shops.

Spend some time in Cuenca, a city located in the southern highlands of Ecuador and beautiful spot to enjoy the markets, cafés and of course, shopping.

6. Experience the Rainforest Before it Disappears

Due to deforestation, rainforests likely won't exist any longer in ~50 years. Ecuador's Yasuní Biosphere Reserve has a reputation for being the place with most diverse set of species on earth.

More impressive, there are tribes still existing in the rainforest who have chosen not to live in isolation removing themselves entirely from the modern world and are protected to do so under Ecuador's constitution.

7. Get Your Eat On

Fabulous selections of fish, shellfish and veggies for healthy meals. An easy breakfast or snack with fruit so fresh, sweet and ripe that the nickname for Nature's Candy actually rings true.

Expanding your foodie experiences? Try zesty ceviche, chifa (chinese fried rice), fried plantains with hot sauce, and if you're truly adventurous, try the roasted cuy (guinea pig).


24 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should STILL Visit Ecuador

  1. Wow, I am an adrenaline junkie myself but I still can’t go pass bungy-jumping! I am so disappointed with myself. Like seriously, I would LOVE to do number 2! and eat of course! those sushi seems so appetizing!

  2. Seven very good reasons 🙂 . I would still very much like to visit Ecuador. It just seems like a gorgeous place and lots of opportunities for photography. I have heard so many good things. Definitely still on my bucket list. Thanks for this post :-). They are very resilient people.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration, adding Ecuador to my travel wish list. Would love to go visit the Galapagos islands as well. The little guy on the beach looks like he is totally loving it there!

  4. So many wonderful reasons to visit Ecuador. The architecture and flora and fauna is definitely up there for me but it would also be an amazing opportunity to give back to the communities in some way.

    • giving back is awesome to do, especially now they would be more than appreciative! even the towns that don’t much to give are doing what they can. i love and admire the solidarity 🙂

  5. I went to Ecuador last year and it was my first time in South America. I can’t wait to go back and believe people should still absolutely be visiting. My favorite place I visited was Mindo 🙂

  6. Why not? Still a stunning and interesting place to discover. After the iincidence, it is now more beneficial to visit Ecuador.

  7. Looks amazing. A friend of mine has just returned from Ecuador. Her friend and her husband, who live in Ecuador have suffered greatly as a result of the immediate impact of the earthquake. They run a conference centre and on the day after the quake, an entire delegation cancelled their week long trip. They haven’t had any bookings since then. They rely so much on this income and now it’s really tough for them.

  8. Beautiful post, thanks very much for sharing. It would be so sad to see the earthquake stop people from going there. I can’t wait to experience this amazing country one day!

  9. Tourism does really get affected when natural disaster strikes. I should know, I came from a country that always suffers from big and strong typhoons. But everything goes back to normal eventually.

    When given a chance I’d love to go to Ecuador. I am particularly interested to visit the rainforest. I hope it won’t disappear in 50 years though. I hope some people would care more and start preserving them instead.

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