Farewell 2015, Hola 2016!

Another year is over, and another about to begin. New year quotes start flooding social media such as, “New year, New me.” Me being me, I have to question everything. What’s wrong with the you that you are today? Why do you feel the need to be “new”, when being you is perfectly fine in the eyes of the people who love and adore you?

According to Forbes.com, only 8% of individuals actually achieve their new year’s resolutions. Their success? Keeping it simple, and achievable. Not having goals that shoot out the lights and are extreme changes to your daily routines; whether it is working out, de-stressing or eating habits.

As a meat-eater, I have to say I’ve tried to be a vegetarian for a month and couldn’t stick to it for longer than 2 weeks. Needless to say, when I associated being vegetarian it had to be clean, raw, organic eats. Not until recently, I realized that there was more to my leaf-eating buddies 😉

ef copyRecently, I sat down with the founder of EnvieFood.com and fellow Toronto foodie. As a life-long vegetarian, her focus is to demonstrate that your dining experience can be as delicious as a meat-eater.

Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean you’re a leaf-eater or that your meal options taste like grass or cardboard; it is her mission to help lift the stereotypes associated with vegetarian and vegan cuisines.

Launched on Jan 2016, this aspiring blogger is going to make waves in the foodie community so check out her contact details below.


What does being vegetarian mean to you?

As a life long vegetarian, it’s difficult to answer the question as it is an innate part of who I am. My mom is nothing less than amazing in the kitchen and given that I gobbled it up within seconds, it didn’t ever occur to me to ask whether it was with or without meat.

When we moved to Canada, the people around me were surprised by my eating choices but being vegetarian wasn’t a choice – it is all I have ever known and I love it!

Being vegetarian to me means…

  • Choosing a dish on the menu that no one else around me chooses;
  • Explaining to others why I am a vegetarian;
  • Seeing the shock when I disclose that I have never eaten meat nor does it interest me; and
  • Tasting and enjoying foodie experiences like everyone else in Toronto 🙂

What is the inspiration behind EnvieFood?

The driving force behind this endeavour is to provide people with delicious vegetarian dining options. I have spent countless hours going through reviews and filtering them by “vegetarian” but the challenge is that a restaurant may be fantastic for certain dishes but, vegetarians may have limited and not so tasty options for them. It becomes a bit of a challenge, especially with so many places in Toronto.

As a foodie, I’m looking to showcase an array of Vegetarian options for everyone that will inspire and impress on your next foodie experience.

As a fellow foodie, what are your top 3 picks in Toronto?

Omgsh..just 3? I have tonnes of places so I’ll try to narrow it down 🙂

Lukshmi | 7070 St Barbara Blvd, Mississauga, ON
The best South Indian food you can find, even better than India. Meatless cuisine which provides tonnes of options and no matter how many times I go, I never get bored!

La Carnita | 501 College Street, Toronto, ON
I absolutely love their Mexican Corn and Vegetarian Taco! Absolutely delish!

Mother’s Dumpling | 421 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON
This is my go-to dumpling place, as they have a number of delicious and tasty options to satisfy my cravings.


Stereotyping sucks, more often than not, what are some that you have come across?

The most common stereotype I’ve come across and is super annoying is that vegetarians aren’t foodies because they only have a limited scope and missing out on so many dishes. This train of thought, boggles my mind given that a foodie is a person with a strong desire and interest for good food! To be honest, I think that I was a foodie before I even knew what the term “foodie” meant 🙂

Oh, and there’s a misconception that vegetarians eat salad, and a lot of it. I tried my first salad a few months ago as it never really appealed to me. Growing up in an Indian household, salad wasn’t an option on my plate. I was used to the delicious curries and butter with veggies instead of meat; and honestly, the dishes were so full of flavour that you forget about the world around you. That’s a foodie experience 🙂

What’s the message you would like to share with the foodie community?

At home or abroad, it doesn’t matter where you are. I would like foodies to challenge themselves to try more vegetarian dishes given the multiple options that are available and equally (if not more) delicious as meat dishes.

Next time you head out for your dining experience, remember that vegetarian options aren’t just for appetizers or dessert 😉


IG: EnvieFood


(Photo credit to EnvieFood)