#SurferSunday: Tanya Brown

Long Island entrepreneur, wife, mother and surfer diversifies her hard work, love and passion to the areas of her life that mean the most to her.  A freelance graphic and textile designer by trade, Tanya Brown, was inspired by her love of surfing to further develop her professional portfolio and created her indy brand, Nalu Tribe. The brand focuses on original designs by Tanya with style and comfort in mind, with a focus on women’s surf apparel that include surf leggings, rash guards and bikinis.

Surf leggings are the hottest new beach trend right now as they provide a more comfortable alternative to board shorts. An awesome gift for the surfer chick(s) in your life!

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Me & my boardName: Tanya Brown
Date of Birth: 06.02.1975.
Height: 5’0″ (1.5 m)
Location: Long Island, New York, USA
Stance: Regular
Local Break: Lido West or Robert Moses State Park
Countries Surfed: Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, USA (New York, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Hawaii)
Experience (Years): 8
Inspirations: Bethany Hamilton is a huge inspiration. Whenever I get scared or discouraged, I remind myself of how she had endured the massive trauma of losing her arm to a shark while she was surfing. Due to her love and passion, she overcame her challenges and continues to surfing – even if it’s with one arm.


How did you get into surfing?

My husband 🙂 Funny enough, it was my husband who always wanted to learn how to surf since we lived near the beach. When we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii, he took a lesson was hooked after his first ride and was all in. I really wanted to join him, but truthfully, I was pretty scared to try. Seeing how passionate and serious he was about surfing, I mustered up the courage and joined him at a lesson.

We’re both hooked on surfing! Over the past 8 years, we’ve travelled to multiple destinations including Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and the U.S. East Coast, to take surf lessons and get coaching.

Mostly, we were surfing seasonally in the summer time. Our focus has shifted from heading out for surf sessions at a drop of a hat. We are proud parents to a beautiful two-year old little girl that keeps us busy 🙂

The great thing is that our mutual love for surfing is our balance and compromise so that we can take turns. On the occasion that we find a sitter for our daughter, we go out on a surf date 🙂 Some couples go out to dinner or a night on the town, but we go out to surf because we love spending time in the water together.

Can you give us an idea of what your typical  meals in a day would be?

We lead a healthy lifestyle and love it. Eggs for breakfast, yogurt & fruit for lunch and dinner can vary and we’ll sneak some healthy snacks in-between meals. Generally, a lot of meals are centered around chicken, fish, veggies but we do our best and try to to be vegetarian at least three days a week.

Do you do any stretches or exercises pre-surf or post-surf?

No, but I should… lol.

With my two year old, my husband and I share our board and take turns in the water. During the winter, we tend to do other types of workouts to keep in shape until the next season. I love to run, cycling, spinning, boot camp (gotta love those burpees and push-ups), yoga and skiing!

What do you grab for a post-surf snack?

Beach days with my family are pretty amazing and we end up packing our lunch which is an assortment of fruit, cheese and yogurt!

Of course,  fish tacos or Mexican food are always good apres surf!

What’s your favourite gear?

I’m obsessed with my board!!! After I had my daughter, my husband bought me an 8’0″ Walden Mega Magic.

I also love and rock a lot of my own Nalu Tribe gear while I’m in the water.

Truthfully, I focused a lot of my energy on creating rashguards because, for the life of me, I couldn’t find a bikini that would keep me secure while I surfed. Rashguards with my own original designs are stylish, comfy and keep me covered up!

The surf leggings are a big seller and a hot trend for modern day surfers. I wanted bottoms that were more comfortable that board shorts. Yes, board shorts are cute but they aren’t that comfy, especially when they ride up. The leggings are awesome for surfing, SUP, and pretty much any other water activity. Whether you want to limit sun exposure, keep a little warm or look stylish – these leggings are multi-faceted and a saving grace 🙂




Contact Details:
Tanya Brown
www.schatzibrown.com (design)
www.nalutribe.com (brand)
Facebook: @Schatzibrown
Instagram: @Nalutribe
Twitter: @Schatzibrown