F is for…


The power to change your environment or situation so that you are able to do as you want without hinderance.

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to figure out what’s next?

Observing those in and around my life, I have great admiration for those who continue to take steps forward to create a life of what make them happy and successful. More importantly, not the way western society has depicted success but what they have defined for themselves.



It’s not who you are that holds you back, but it’s who you think you’re not.

There are times where we have to do what’s right for ourselves by walking away from people or situations, even if it’s with a heavy heart.

External expectations can be influential in the paths we take, for better or for worse. Mistakes naturally occur but as much as we should forgive others, it is just as important (if not more) to forgive ourselves.



Be fearless in your pursuit of happiness. Stare your challenges in the face, and seize the opportunities that are right for you.

Whether it’s teaching english in Vietnam, walking away from a relationship, volunteering at a non-profit in Peru, swinging on a shady rope in the Amazon or moving to NYC to fast-track your finance career; take the opportunities to become fearless so you can live a life that is limitless.

Life’s too short, live it up, your future self will thank you.


say-yesF**k it.

I’m a stubborn, emotionally-driven pain in the ass. Sure, I tend to make unwise decisions with a habit of believing in the tiny piece of good in a person or situation; even when consensus believes the cause is lost.

Honestly, f**k it.

Why not take a chance to do what you want to do?

Can you live with the regret of not trying? I can’t.

Who knows? Sometimes it takes the wrong decisions to lead you to the right place…



20 thoughts on “F is for…

  1. I love this post and how one letter can mean so many things. I totally agree with F_ck it. I’ve done so many things that I truly regret but when I look back, it makes me proud that I was courageous (or crazy) enough to have done them. I find comfort in the thought that at least I tried.
    Marge Gavan recently posted…Conquering Mt. MabilogMy Profile

  2. It’s not who you are that holds you back, but it’s who you think you’re not. I totally agree with this sentence. Sometimes we see someone doing what we would love to do and think we are not smart or skilled or talented to do it. And usually we are only too scared to try something new.
    Goblinette recently posted…Inventing and getting lost in UdineMy Profile

  3. I love this post. It speaks so much of the elements of successful and courageous travel. I’d add another F for your list – flexible. Things go wrong, weather changes quickly, queues are longer than expected. The skill of being flexible when you are traveling can’t be underestimated! But you are so right – sometimes you do just need to say “f**k it” and go for it!
    Jo recently posted…The reason you shouldn’t visit Pere LachaiseMy Profile

  4. I truly believe that these four f’s are the essence of life. Freedom is something you gift to yourself, and forgiveness can only come with practice and a strong will. Fearlessness and ‘F**k it’ is an attitude that we all need to develop to live a life that is truly on our own terms and truly free 🙂
    Shraddha gupta recently posted…The Nutcracker: A Holiday Ballet RomanceMy Profile

  5. This perfectly sums up all the things I love about travel. I’m also trying to figure out what’s next, so it’s nice to have this reminder of why I started traveling in the first place 🙂

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