#SurferSunday: Dayana Mota

This Brazilian beauty was born in the country’s capital, Brasilia Federal District, a place that wasn’t close enough to the coast to satisfy her insatiable hunger for the sea. Moving to the coast, Dayana’s appreciation, respect and love for the ocean grew as it allowed her escape from the busy and stressful days of Law school. After graduation, she made a commitment to herself to pick-up surfing and it was instant love. This surfer girl is an amazing example of how easily you can integrate the healthy and fun lifestyle of surfing into a busy life.

dayna-mota2Name: Dayana Mota
Date of Birth: 02.13.1989.
Height: 5’6″ (1.70m)
Location: Espirito Santo, Brazil
Stance: Goofy
Local Break: Conceição da Barra
Countries Surfed: Brazil
Experience (Years): 6 months
Inspirations: Bethany Hamilton



How did you get into surfing?

After much thought, I mustered up the courage to visit my local shaper, Michael Shaper Studio, who is conveniently located down the street so I was able to grab a board. After my first day out, I realized very quickly how difficult surfing was and that it would take dedication, discipline and an overall, healthy lifestyle to really enjoy the sport. Once surfing became part of my life, I noticed how much better it was than compared to the gym. This fun and healthy sport increased my strength and flexibility greatly.

The great thing about the surf community is that people are so supportive. When I was starting out, my surf instructor and local surfers really helped me out by giving me great tips to improve my skills. Given that most of the local surfers in my community are males, it would be pretty amazing if more girls started surfing 🙂

Can you give us an idea of what their typical meals in a day would be?

I’m gluten-free and most of the foods that I eat are mostly natural and organic. My meals often include grains, white meat, brown rice, cabbage juice with mint, and moqueca.

Do you do any stretches or exercise pre-surf or post-surf?

Before I head out to the beach, I do a few quick stretches and take the short walk to the beach 🙂

What do you grab for a post-surf snack?

It’s usually something that quenches my thirst! Whether it’s coconut water, juice or a very juicy piece of fruit.

What is your favourite gear?

I love my 7’6″ fun board 🙂 My favourite spot to pick up clothes and bikinis is at a local surf shoppe owned by local entrepreneur, Ricieri Vaccari. In addition to being an amazing and talented surfer, he’s also a fantastic shaper and savy business man.



Contact Details:

Dayna Mota
Facebook: @dayanas.rock
Instagram: @dayanasrock
Twitter: @dayanasrock





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