10 Travel Chicas to Follow on IG

Looking for inspiration? travel tips? surf destinations? restaurant recommendations?

Instagram is my favourite social media tool to gain traction to my blog, connect with like-minded individuals and follow the things I am passionate about. There is something amazing about getting a glimpse of how the world is viewed in someone else’s eyes. Their galleries are collections of memories frozen in time and it’s interesting how each picture has a way to subconsciously bring out one’s personality.

Anyhow, I thought it would be a nice light-hearted entry to show my support and appreciation to my fave travel chicas on IG and a fun alternative to the Liebster Award nominations given that some of these ladies aren’t bloggers.



@deafinitelywanderlust | www.deafinitelywanderlust.com

Lilo & Stacey are two deaf backpackers who are hoping to inspire the deaf and hearing community to explore the world. Challenging themselves with every adventure, these two wanderlusters overcome the obstacles they face as they explore this big beautiful world.


@kimkepich | www.surfingthedream.com

Kim has the soul of a gypsy, heart of a hippie and a spirit of a mermaid. Having travelled to over 20 countries, this wanderluster continues her surf and travel adventures with her two partners in crime.


alohaimlily@alohaimlily (instagram only)

Full of joy and love, this globetrotter has no problem leveraging her artistic abilities to deliver images that are bright, vibrant and radiate happiness. Lily’s incredible talent to find the beauty in everything is a great pick me up any day of the week.


haylesmurray@haylesmurray | www.oceanridestravelvibes.com

Living in the paradise of Bali, Hayle captures the sweet escape of what we yearn for. Whether it’s the healthy lifestyle, white sand beaches or turquoise seas, this wanderluster’s gallery radiates peace, love and positive vibes.


alyssasetia@alyssasetia | www.adjustyourfocus.net

A platform for design, photography and travel, Alyssa is a great source if you need some inspiration to create the life that you want. Adjust your focus, figure out what’s most important and live out those dreams. #yolo

marisa_verano@marisa_verano (instagram only)

Marisa’s love for travel is encapsulated in her fabulous shots of architecture and landscapes. The way she captures her adventures around Europe are brilliant and I look forward to when she makes her way to New York!


authenticchica@authenticchica | www.authenticchica.com

A globetrotter from the Netherlands, with a special love for authenticity, while keeping it chic. Her passion for travelling, lust for exploring, heart for holidays and an eye for beautiful things is what keeps this wanderluster from wanting more of the world.


when_in_doubt_travel@when_in_doubt_travel (instagram only)

Magda is a fellow Torontonian and is happily lost in her secret world. Her ability to capture the beauty that surrounds her is incredibly inspiring.


jj_pernqvist@jj_pernqvist (instagram only)

JJ is a lover of simple things; all photos are representations of who she is and how she perceives the world. Her gallery? Simply exquisite.


traveldefined@traveldefined | www.travel-defined.com

Vasudha is a travel blogger, food lover, road trip enthusiast and dessert fanatic. With her husband by her side, she captures their experiences with warmth and love.


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