All Aboard, Bota Bota (Spa) by Old Montréal


As a Torontonian, I am of the opinion that Montréal is the most beautiful urban city in Canada. This charming city has so much to offer with an array of boulangeries, cafés, restaurants, bars, galleries and boutiques. I would be shocked if someone said they found the city boring as there is definitely something for everyone.

However, if you happen to find yourself with a few hours to kill and looking to pamper yourself with some serious relaxation; give this incredible nordic spa, Bota Bota, a try. Of all my spa experiences, this one definitely floats my boat 😉

IMG_6410Anchored in the Old Port of Montréal, corner of Rue McGill and De La Commune Ouest, this spa sur l’eau opened its doors in 2010. This ferryboat was renovated as an architectural project and converted into a beautiful Nordic Spa with a stunning view of Old Montreal from every room. Providing a number of relaxing treatments, including the most epic massage I have ever had, this place is the perfect place for solos or couples to come in to unwind from the stresses of our lives. Honestly, this is probably the closest to zen I have ever felt at a spa.

IMG_6407As you get you wrap yourself up in their comfortable robes and head upstairs to one of two floors with the three part circuit. As you take a deep breath in, the aromatic smells of the exotic incense captures your senses and reaffirms your busy mind that you are here to relax. Wandering into the well-designed sauna, you take a seat and begin to unwind to the heat as you gaze out the window. After about 15 minutes or so, you can creep out to the ice water bath to close up those pores. Whatever tickles your fancy, there are two baths to accommodate those who want to hangout outdoors or indoors. My advice, just take a deep breath and suck it up get it done it by taking the plunge. Inching in slowly? You may as well just give yourself a thousand paper cuts :I

IMG_6421The final step of the circuit, is have your body turn into jelly as you hang out in the nordic baths. Again, they have two available. I much preferred the quietness of the top floor but the floor below was the one with this incredible view. Again, tough choices to make.but you will have the time to try everything out as I did the circuit a few times 🙂 They also have an area off to the side with the same circuit in a more public and chattier fashion called “Le Jardin”; I’m sure it’s lovely but I didn’t want to hear the chatter of others and took my amazing downtime in the quiet sanctuary of the boat.

Why do I think this spa is so amazing? The views are like no other and maybe the spa on a boat idea is a perfect way to have your mind and body disconnect from the busy world. There’s nothing sweeter than being in a busy city, and just totally decompress.