The Best City in Canada is…


IMG_6479Luckily, I stayed in a great location and walked everywhere so I could familiarize myself with the area. The extra bonus, Montréalers would not spell or pronounce my name incorrectly. They didn’t have to ask me to repeat my name, added the right accent on the correct e & when I told them it was unnecessary, they reminded me it’s part of my name so of course it was necessary.

Anyhow, I received a tonne of recommendations from friends and I made a damn good attempt to try a good number of them including those recommended by a brokers’ sales guy.

This will be my quick and easy version of my Montréal blog series given it was such a stellar trip. So, you get to look forward to reading those in the future.

IMG_6425What did I end up doing in this fabulous city?
Eat, Walk, Eat, Eat, Walk, Sleep.

I also took a few hours at the greatest spa in Old Montréal, Bota Bota. It’s a tug boat that was renovated to be a spa, and it is floating magic. Why is this spa so epic? Once you’re done with a few hours of silence and great view, you get to go back to exploring the city.

IMG_6448I conquered the following recommendations:
Leméac (Duck Confit Main… Need I say more?)
La Banquise (One heck of a Poutine..)
Sho-Dan (Good choice for a light meal)
Stash Café (Authentic Polish Eats)
Garde Manger (Caesar & lobster poutine = EPIC)
Muv Box (MTLBlog needs better food critics)

I ate a lot more than the above listed places which I will disclose later… after this extra “comfort” weight is gone, I suppose. All I know is that I will be returning at some point to continue my food journey.

Why is Montréal so amazing relative to other Canadian cities? It’s clean, people are nice, foodie heaven, great gym alternatives for working out (climbing/running mount royal, running/biking along the port, etc), architecture is amazing & there are efforts made for its preservation, chilled out european vibe, and of course, beer and wine are dirt cheap & accessible.

To quote a friend, “Vancouver may win for its natural beauty but as far as urban environments, MTL wins.” I couldn’t agree more.


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    • the food is yummy, i’m going to be putting up another entry in the near future for the restaurants that were recommended to me 🙂

    • Only for the weekend, but it was enough for me to spend a day in downtown Montreal and another in Old Montreal. Can’t wait to go back and discover more 🙂

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