Positive Vibes: A Genuine Human Interaction

summerdaysI have to admit that one of my fave patio meals is having pizza and beer. There’s something beautiful about the coupling, they work so well together as you chill out and enjoy the quietness of the patio. Maybe it is eating outdoors that make this pairing that much more tasty.

I was on my way home with half a pizza leftover and saw a homeless man. This wasn’t a big shocker by any means given that there are shelters and rehab centres nearby. I decided to cross the street, and give him the food should he be hungry. I would imagine that this would be typical practice by most given that we live pretty fortunate lives.

Me: Excuse me sir, I’m not sure if you’re hungry but I have some food if you’d like?
Him: Pardon?
Me: Oh, I just had some leftover pizza and thought you’d might like it?
Him: Are you sure? I don’t want to put you out in any way.
Me: Not at all, it’s my pleasure. I’m sure you’d enjoy it given it’s still fresh and I’d throw it in the fridge.
Him: As long as I’m not putting you out or taking something you need. May I shake your hand?
Me: Absolutely

He went back to his area to finish reading his book, and when I got back to my place… I was still stunned from our conversation. That interaction was likely the most real and genuine human interaction I’ve had in a long time. It was just two people, having a conversation, not caring about who the other person was, what they did for work or even their name. Two people with a mutual understanding of basic respect for another human being.

I have been furious with Air Canada for losing my baggage with all my stuff. While this man, despite his conditions seemed to have such kindness and concern that he was taking away something from me. Talk about a smack to reality. I’m worried about things I could replace, and the only inconvenience for me would be the time. Where this man, simply just was reading his book and wanted to ensure that him receiving the pizza wasn’t going to inconvenience me in any way.

I couldn’t help myself, and it’s just part of who I am. So, I put a bit of a care kit together. I had an old backpack that I wasn’t using and put an old raincoat, a few swag bags that were too big to take to Colombia (shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, scope, floss, razor, cologne, etc), perishable foods, plastic cutlery, sanitizer, and a bunch of other things I could put together.

I went down to look for him to see if he could use them. When I saw him, he thought he had inconvenienced me by making me think he wanted more than the pizza. I made it clear, that in no way did he give me that impression and I wanted to put this together for him but hoped that he was able to make good use of the items. He stood there for a moment, and told me he’d put it all to good use and you could see the tears well up in his eyes as we shook hands again before departing. Heck, I had to bite my cheek so I didn’t burst into tears. As soon as my back was turned to him, the tears just ran like a fountain. My lesson? I didn’t need to go to Colombia to show some love and positive vibes. I’m kinda blessed that it happened the way it did.

So, family, friends, frenemies, cyber stalkers, fellow bloggers, globetrotters, and whoever else is reading this post… Spreading positive vibes is such a wonderful thing. I hope that you don’t do kind things for others because you feel you are obligated or forced to; please do it out of kindness and care or don’t do it at all.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!