WSUP: Best SUP Experience in Toronto

IMG_3248Lake temperatures are warming up in Toronto. Whether you’re a local or visitor, the city has so many things to check out during the summer. Why not capitalize on the warm weather and chill at the beach?

My fave summer activity would have to be SUP on the lake. Yes, there are GroupOns and deals but I’ve been there and done that. After trying out a few, my friends and I settled on WSUP. From the first mandatory lesson to assess our skill level and refine our technique, Gudrun Hardes and Paul Peic were professional, patient and had a very chilled our attitude.

IMG_3266Easily accessible by car or TTC, they are conveniently located on the beachside of Keniworth Ave and the Tennis Courts at Kew Beach. The WSUP team takes care of all the logistics for you as they bring the boards out to the launch point and let you do your thing. If you want pointers to refine your technique, they’re happy to show you and demonstrate what it should look like. When the session is over, they pack everything up and it’s completely hassle free experience.

When it comes to customer service, they know what they’re doing. Being proactive and checking the weather for you to ensure that the lake is in good condition for your session. My friends and I tend to book our time for the sunset session which is a great way to relax and get in some healthy fun. If conditions are too choppy or something last minute comes up (provided you give decent notice), Gudrun has been kind enough to accommodate or reschedule the session.

On a value basis, I believe that they have the best rate for the experience you get in Toronto.

I will warn you that if you are looking to find the cheapest vendor, you will find some very aggro owners (aka kooks) who are only in it to make a quick buck. Also, that particular launch point is full of goose crap.. so be very weary. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So, why SUP? It’s a great way to enjoy the lake without going too far out of the city. Personally, after a busy day of work and being able to get quiet time, a beautiful view and exercise is a great use of my leisure time.

If you’re even more ambitious, check out their Sunrise Yoga Sessions or pick-up Kite-Surfing with Paul at the Bluffs! We may only get choppy waters for paddling and sub-par waves for lake surfing in the summer but, there are great activities the WSUP team has to offer. Take advantage of the limited summer days and healthy fun on the lake. Hope to see you out there 🙂