Project #ShowSumLove: A Little Goes a Long Way

sslThe unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of people in this world that don’t have the opportunity to travel but instead are fighting every day to provide for their families. When we go on vacation, we tend to get immersed in the temporary world of a new exotic destination that is waiting to be discovered. We forget about the world that actually exists outside the hotel and resort walls. If we look past the tourist traps, and you’ll see communities of people working hard to provide a life for their families or, what broke my heart in Ecuador, pre-teen mothers breast feeding their children. Yes, children breastfeeding children.  

I’m a big supporter of giving positive experiences to others. An act of kindness of any magnitude can change a person’s mindset and outlook more than you could fathom – even if it’s for a moment. So, why not contribute to those wonderful moments?

donationsHave you ever brought gently used toys, school supplies, accessories, purses, clothing, cosmetic samples or other items on vacation with the intent to give them away? How about donating them to a local youth or women’s shelter at home? Is it something that you’ve thought about but never really executed on? Well, here’s your chance…

I’m piloting a passion project in a couple of weeks called “Project #ShowSumLove” and have partnered with a local non-profit in Colombia that provides educational experiences for disadvantaged and at-risk youths ages 6 – 16. I’ve called upon my friends to look for cosmetic samples, dental supplies, school supplies, etc. that I will be bundling up as mini swag bags.

FullSizeRenderWith the funds raised from the sale of the friendship bracelets the additional proceeds will be re-invested into their local economy. I will personally purchase school uniforms, supplies, larger recreational items, etc. for the non-profit upon my arrival to Colombia. Every person who bought a bracelet (in Toronto) will see where their donation is going and as an added bonus the recipients of the donations will also receive a bracelet to remind them that there are people in this world and even on another continent that do care about their well being and development.

So, What I need your help with? Please continue contributing the samples, buy the handcrafted bracelets or toss me some cash/coins… Every little contribution counts!

I’m pretty stoked to go visit the center and brighten up these kids faces. I promise this will all be well documented via GoPro and photos. Thank you again to all the people who have participated and thanks in advance for those additional contributors. Looking forward to updating you all on the outcome of this project 🙂 Stay tuned!