Full-Time Job, Part-Time Traveller

Simply put, it can be done.

During my travels, I have encountered a number of people who have left their lives back home to get on the road to experience the world. Whether it was for a few months, years or forever. The shorter term globe trotters were on gap year, taking time off work or just on vacation. As for the longer term travellers, I wanted to understand their motivations for travel. Some told me they were unhappy with where their lives were back at home and needed time for self-discovery, others were working abroad and there was a handful who were just curious to see what our beautiful world had to offer and made their decision to travel.
I am a full-time worker and part-time traveller. I enjoy what I do for work, have amazing clients, awesome friends in my industry and even have the opportunities to travel for professional purposes. My personal holiday time is limited at my destinations but I take in every moment of enjoyment, experience and discovery from as little as a weekend or to a maximum of 2.5 weeks. One could argue that it is such a short time that I don’t really have time to immerse myself in the local communities to enjoy the travel experience to which I would disagree. At this point in my life, I have the opportunity to travel and can add the cities I enjoy on my “I’m definitely coming back here” list. I may not be able to spend a month in MontaƱita to learn Spanish and surf every day but I know that it will be a place I will definitely come back to and recommend.

Do I wish I could spend more time with the people I have met along the way? Absolutely, 110%. The beauty of social media is that it makes keeping in touch that much easier. Even cooler, you can even plan to meet your new friends abroad on another vacation, arrange to visit your friends at their homes or play host to them as they visit you.

Do I wish I could stay longer on my time away from home? Always. When push comes to shove I’m a big chicken and it would be impossible for me to give up the great people back home. Thinking that I won’t get to see my family, friends and be able to continue building memories with them is a bummer.
My heart has always been committed to providing opportunities and experiences for the people around me whether I am at home or travelling. As of right now, the perfect travel balance for me is part-time travel and full-time work. Yes, it is more expensive because I keep flying back and forth to Latin America but in my eyes, it’s completely worth it. For me, it is the perfect combo of home and adventure.
So, you don’t need to quit you job to travel. It may take some patience and saving but part-time travel is completely achievable. Whether you are on your own or with a companion (friend, family member, significant other), take the opportunity to see the world for what it is today. Even if it is for a short period of time, at least you will know what you enjoyed about the place(s) and can look forward to returning in the future.
Life’s short. Enjoy your life the way you want to with the people you enjoy spending time with.
One of my worries (I have tonnes), is looking back on life and realizing that I was caught up in trying to achieve life’s milestones and regretting not going on that trip to South Africa to surf and cage dive when I had the opportunity to do so. Luckily, I can say that I have no regrets with my travel decisions and found the right combo for me. Don’t wait and wonder, get out there and discover this big beautiful world.