Valparaíso, Chile: The Cultural Capital of Chile

Chile has a number of breath taking places to visit with a variety of different landscapes to experience. The beautiful port city of Valparaíso is a stop that I can’t wait to go back and spend time in.

Built on steep hillsides, the colourful buildings with tastefully decorated building walls bursting with creativity and vibrancy is a paradise for artists of all types. the details on the buildings, the nicely kept streets and storefronts demonstrated to me that they were a city that unanimously accept the creative culture of the community. It was refreshing to see a guy sitting on the street with his dog strumming his guitar with no care in the world. In that moment, you could see that he was in a state of mind that was truly happy.

All I could think about were my creative friends at home that would love this city. A place so artistically free without over regulation, a community that whole heartedly embraced and loved the art created in their streets. Most of all, artists of all types were able to feel so liberated to express themselves even if it meant painting on the aluminum curtains protecting the local shops. Someone on the tour had mentioned that the creative culture of this city was encouraged and not discouraged. How awesome is that?

You can easily spend hours walking the narrow and colourful streets looking at all the street art, unique architecture and local shops. Careful, it’s quite easy to get lost as the different winds and turns in the road can lead you astray.

A cool feature about this city is the elevators that bring you down to port level from the hillside. An expense worth incurring, as you get to see the great view of the city on your way down.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get much time to spend here given I was on a day tour from Santiago. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend spending a few days taking in the sights before you head off to party in Viña del Mar. I’m really glad my friend suggested this day trip as it showed me yet another amazing city that Chile had to offer.

Have you been to Valaparaíso? If so, what are your favourite sights and restaurants? For those who are looking to travel to the city, what are you looking forward to seeing?